Basil, Genovese Seeds


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A large leaf slow bolting plant which can vary in leaf shape and plant size with edible flowers that have an intense basil taste to them. Great for making pestos as well as fresh caprese salads with ripe summer tomatoes.

How to Grow Genovese Basil

    • Latin Name: Ocimum basilicum
    • Annual
    • Days to Maturity: 65- 70
    • Hardiness Zone: 4- 10
    • Soil: Ph 5.5- 7.5
    • Temperature: Warmer
    • Light Preference: Full sun or partial shade
    • Planting:
      • Depth: 1/4"
      • Plant Space: 8"
      • Row Spacing: 18"
    • Pests/disease: Slugs, aphids, Japanese beetles
    • Seed Count:
      • 1 oz- Approximately 17,900 seeds
      • 4 oz- Approximately 71,600 seeds
      • 1 lb- Approximately 286,400 seeds

    Regular moisture is necessary during the growing season as this plant is not tolerant to drought. Harvesting is best done when the temperature is cooler and will not cause wilting. You must also handle with care as the leaves bruise easily. Before the plant begins to flower you will want to do a complete harvest by cutting the plant 4-6" above ground. This will promote a second growth. The Genovese Basil generally yields 7 or more cuttings.