Arugula, Roquette


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Arugula  Roquette, is a delicious, peppery-tasting leafy green vegetable that not only adds a flavorful kick to any dish, but is also visually appealing with its vibrant green color and delicate texture. 

How to Grow Arugula Roquette

    • Latin Name: Eruca sativa
    • Annual
    • Days to Maturity: 30-35 days
    • Hardiness Zone: 3-12
    • Soil: Ph 6.0 to 7.0****
    • Temperature: Cooler
    • Light Preference: Full Sun
    • Planting:
      • Depth: 1/4"
      • Plant Space: 6"
      • Row Spacing: 15"
    • Pests/disease: Bacterial blight, Downy mildew, Aphids
    • Seed Count: 
      • 1 oz- Approximately 14,200 seeds
      • 4 oz- Approximately 56,800 seeds
      • 1 lb- Approximately 227,200 seeds

    ****This plant requires moderate watering. While the flower is edible as well as the leaves you want to harvest them before they open to prevent reseeding or, you may choose to leave the flower to reseed for future harvesting. Continuous harvesting of young leaves helps to stimulate growth in the plant.