Carrot, Rainbow Mix Seeds


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This sweet and tender blend of red, purple, yellow, orange and white carrots takes approximately 65 to 75 days to mature and prefers warm temperatures and full sun. Have these with any feast to add an abundance of color to your meal.

How to Grow Rainbow Carrots

  • Latin Name: daucus carota subsp. Sativus
  • Annual
  • Days to Maturity: 65-75
  • Hardiness Zone: 3- 11
  • Soil: Ph 6 to 7, warm, sandy
  • Temperature: Warmer
  • Light Preference: Full sun
  • Planting:
    • Depth: 1/2"
    • Plant Space: 1 1/2"
    • Row Space: 18"
  • Pests/disease: Weevils and Carrot rust fly
  • Seed Count:
    • 1oz- Approximately 18,000 seeds
    • 4oz- Approximately 72,000 seeds
    • 1lb- Approximately 288,000 seeds

The Rainbow carrot blend produces sweet and tender carrots that are ready for harvest in approximately 65 to 75 days. A kaleidoscope of carrots. A colorful mixture of five varieties that include Atomic Red, Bambino Orange, Cosmic Purple, Lunar White and Solar Yellow to create perfect bunches of baby carrots. Carrots are great for juicing.